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Planner Cards Set of 3 (work tasks, workout, cleaning) - Ready to Ship

Planner Cards Set of 3 (work tasks, workout, cleaning) - Ready to Ship


These planner cards make a great addition and/or accessory to your planner!  Printed on acetate, cut and then laminated using thick durable laminate.  The planner card is very sturdy to help keep tabs on your plans!

These planner cards come in a set of 3:  work tasks, workout & cleaning

Each card comes 3.625 inches tall by 2.125 inches wide

This item is hand crafted and not mass produced.  All tabs that are sent out to the customer will be as close to the original product pictures as possible.  Since every aspect of the process is done by hand, small variations can occur.  Due to the nature of the item; small imperfections can also occur due to the process of cutting the laminate, the foiling process and the lamination process.  This can include "dusting" of extra particles of foil, small black spots within the foiling, edges of the laminate may seem a little edgy and not smooth (this will smooth over time), tiny "bubbles" within the laminate can occur, and the alignment of the laminate may be off slightly.  All these small imperfections are due to the nature of the hand crafted item.  

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