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MTO Micro Discs Zodiac Set of 3 Dashboard Set

MTO Micro Discs Zodiac Set of 3 Dashboard Set


These planner tabs makes a great addition and/or accessory to your planner!  Printed on acetate, foiled, cut and then laminated using thick durable laminate.  The planner tab is very sturdy to help keep tabs on your plans!

Planner tab set comes with 3 bottom tab dividers with the following tab headings (from left to right):  month, week today.

Each tab in the set comes as 4.702 inches tall by 2.838 inches wide.

* Please note the item pictured may not be the size/punch you are ordering.  As long as the title states the size you are looking for the set will come in the correct size, holes or unpunched accordingly. *

These items are hand crafted and not mass produced. All tabs that are sent out to the customer will be as close to the original pictured product as possible. Since every aspect of the process is done by hand, small variations can occur. Due to the nature of the item; small imperfections can also occur due to the process of cutting the laminate, the foiling process and the lamination process. This can include “dusting” of extra particles of the foil, small black spots within the foil, ridges may seem a little edgy and not smooth (will smooth over time), tiny “bubbles” next to the card stock where the laminate is and alignment may be slightly off between the front and back laminate.  Laminating acetate can leave a streaky look to it and is not 100% all clear.  This is an imperfection that can occur during processing.  All these small imperfections are due to the nature of the hand crafted item.

MTO Estimated Processing Time:
Please note, this product is made to order.  This means as a customer you purchase the item, then it is made.  This estimated processing time on made to order (MTO) items is 4-6 weeks.  

Don't want to wait that long?  Please check out our Ready to Ship section (processing time on RTS items is 3-5 business days).  Easiest way to shop for you specific planner is to use the browse by filtering to find items for your exact planner type/punch.  Ready to Ship (RTS) items can be located here:

Want to add personalization on the front of tab?  Like your name down the side or in the middle of the tab?  You can find the add on here:
Please follow the directions listed within the personalization listing.

Want to change the tab heading and/or font?  You can find the add on here:
Please follow the directions listed within the customization listing.

Want to upgrade the foil to something a little more fancy and fun?  Like holographic, rainbow kaleidoscope, purple confetti, or leopard print?  You can find the add on here:
Please follow the directions listed within the upgrade listing.

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