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Jaxson's Creation Week Swimming Fish

Jaxson's Creation Week Swimming Fish


This bookmark makes a great addition to any planner!  Hand drawn by my son, Jaxson.  Drawn on a very thick card stock, cut out by hand, laminated using 5 ml laminate, and then cut out by hand again.  

All proceeds from any sales from these items will go directly to Jaxson and his savings account.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who considers purchasing an item that he has created!!  He was so excited to make items like his mommy and sell them.  When they were shared on my Instagram and Facebook, I had someone interested in purchasing one.  I couldn't have had my heart my full at that moment.  Since having the platform I have, why not utilize it and allow my son to make items and sell them?  Again, thank you so much!  He is so over joyed even from one person considering purchasing his creation!

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