RTS processing time 3-5 business days. MTO processing times 4-6 weeks. PRE-ORDER Acrylic processing time is 4-8 weeks.
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We ship to the US and internationally using USPS. The shipping price includes a tracking number.  Shipping labels are printed using the address you have provided so please double check that you have provided the correct address before submitting your order. 

Once shipped we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged packages. Once your order has been marked as shipped, it can take anywhere from 2-20 business days for your order to get to you depending on USPS.  Please note tracking does not always update or reflect the packages current status.  Packages will not be considered lost until after the 20th business day from ship date.  

US Orders: Shipping typically takes about 5 business day but in some cases it can take 1-3 weeks depending on USPS. I wish I had more control over how timely delivery is, but I do not. All packages are either dropped off at my local post office box or mailed directly from my home (put in my mailbox or with a scheduled USPS pick up). Once the package is in their hands they are unfortunately in control.

International Orders: Shipping typically takes 1-3 weeks per USPS. However, international orders can take over a month to receive. Unfortunately, this is out of my control. Please take this processing time into consideration prior to purchasing. Fees incurred (duties/taxes) are the responsibility of the buyer.  Once the package is in their hands they are unfortunately in control.  

Refunds will not be issued for lost, stolen or damaged packages. For orders that have been "lost" within the postal service, we will wait a full 20 business days after your item has shipped before a replacement is mailed to you. If your order is stuck or hasn't updated, contact USPS to see if they can give you more information.  We can also put in a missing mail inquiry on your behalf to see if that provides any status updates that were not progressing before.


I start working on your orders as soon as possible. I like to process by orders that are due in the same week creating batch orders. Processing one by one takes me a lot longer - so I start by print packing slips for orders due all in the same week. First thing I do is to check and see if I have any of the products on hand/already made. If so, I process/ship those orders first. Next thing I do is basically put together a “item sheet”. I write down what all is needed and of how many. Once again, I check to see if I have some of these already printed/cut/foiled (but these are not laminated). I then proceed to print, foil and cut all remaining items needed. Now this process has had to change due to new foil being used and a new printer. I’m not sure why the heck it had to change but it just wasn’t working the way it was before. In reality, due to this change, I should have increased prices slightly but decided against it. After everything is printed, foiled and cut; I then work on the laminate. Cutting laminate is probably the longest process. Some of the items cut can take up to 30-40 minutes. I’ve tried other ways to process and nothing has worked as well as my original “creation” of doing this process. After that is complete, assembly (lamination) of all the tabs take place. This also is a long process because laminators are a slow moving machine. The next processing phase is the cut any “fused out” laminate off the sides. This is like the extra on the sides that I can’t better describe but saying if you smashed your Oreo cookie and the stuffing comes out the sides. This doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does. So I try to trim off all that from all the tabs. ECLP items then have the slits cut in them in order to allow them to be interchangeable.  After this has been completed for all items in the batch, the final processing stage is to quality check items followed by packaging orders.  I typically print shipping labels right at this stage.  This does every once in awhile create a problem for any items that may not be up to quality standards that I may not have caught.  If your package is affected by this, the item that is incorrectly made or has issues with quality will be remade.  

I start off by printing all shipping labels for the orders that are ready for packaging.  

Sometimes I do process at least the shipping part of it, one by one (not batch shipping/shipping labels). This does tend to take longer.

Now this part of my system I feel is flawed at this point with how my shop has had growth. Sometimes, I realized I messed up (misspelled something, used the wrong font, wrong design, the quality is not great, etc). During this process I also find when maybe I missed an item that didn’t get processed or come across items that do not fit my standards of quality. These items then need to be reprocessed. This can cause items to sit in pre-transit depending on when they are dropped off at the post office. I don’t like this system, it’s flawed and in times of high sales - very crazy. Like I said, it’s not perfect and it needs to change.  I am working ways to change this process/flaw in the processing/packaging/shipping process.  Please allow a couple extra days after shipment if you do not see any movement.  

I do these on weekends. However, there have been a lot more errors lately - all completely on me but I really do believe that’s due to my lack of sleep. Since there has been more issues they have taken longer that they used to. Moving forward, if there is an issue or something missing; you will receive a partial or full refund for that product depending on the problem at hand.

I just wanted to provide you all with some info about my shop and provide some transparency to my process. I work really hard and really long hours at what I do often getting very little sleep. I do it because I do truly love what I do and I love you all love your products. I am always looking for opportunities to change things to make them better and provide a better service/product to you.

I do make mistakes and I totally get the frustration of waiting for the product and then not receiving what you ordered. Packages do get lost as well and that had been a huge increase lately from USPS (both from me sending out orders to receiving my own packages). I do all that I can to rectify an issue at hand.