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Planner Types & Punches

Planner Tab Types & Sizes

Coil Planners:

Spiral Bound: Tabs fit the Erin Condren Life Planner, Erin Condren Teacher Planner, Erin Condren notebooks, Erin Condren Monthly Planner, Plum Paper Planner, spiral bound Recollections planners, The Goosby Twins Planner, Lights Planner Action Coiled Planners, Print Pressions Coiled Planners, and the Limelife Planners

Twin Wire Bound: Tabs fit the Inkwell Press square coiled planners, Day Designer, Emily Ley Planner, Lilly Pulitzer Planner and the Target Day Designer Planners

Ring Bound Planners:

A5 Rings: Tabs fit the Filofax A5, Carpe Diem, Large KikkiK, Louis Vuitton GM, A5 Foxy Fix, or any other A5 Rings planner

Personal Rings: Tabs fit personal size ring bound planners such as Filofax, Color Crush, Medium KikkiK, and Louis Vuitton MM, Foxy Fix personal rings, or any other Personal Rings Planner

Pocket Rings: Tabs fit pocket size planners such as Filofax pocket, Foxy Fix Pocket, Louis Vuitton PM, or any other Pocket Rings Planner

A5 Wide Rings:  Tabs fit the A5 Cloud by Aura Estelle, or any other A5 rings planner that is widened like the A5 Cloud

A6 Rings:  Tabs fit the A6 rings planner such as the A6 Rings VanDerSpeck or any other A6 Rings planner

B6 Rings:  Tabs fit the B6 Rings planner from Foxy Fix or any other B6 Rings planners

Personal Wide Rings:  Tabs fit personal wide ring bound planners such as the Foxy Fix Personal wide rings, or any other Personal Wide Rings Planners

TNs (Travelers Notebooks):

Pocket TN: Tabs fit the pocket sized Travelers Notebooks such as Foxy Fix #2 and pocket Chic Sparrow TNs

Micro/A7 TN: Tabs fit the Micro/A7 Travelers Notebooks

A6 TN: Tabs fit the A6 Travelers Notebooks

Personal TN: Tabs fit the Personal TN Travelers Notebooks

B6 TN: Tabs fit the B6 Travelers Notebooks

Standard TN: Tabs fit the standard Travelers Notebooks

A5 TN: Tabs fit the A5 Travelers Notebooks

Weeks:  Tabs for the Hobonichi Weeks planners, Print Pression Weeks Planners, or any similar planners

Disc Planners:

Discs: Tabs fit the Happy Planner and other disc bound planners like the Arc and Inkwell Press 360 Disc System, or anything similar to these planners

Mini Discs: Tabs fit the Happy Planner Mini and other mini disc bound planners.

Micro Discs:  Tabs fit the Happy Planner micro and other micro disc bound planners

Skinny Discs:  Tabs fir the Happy Planner Notes (long tall & skinny) disc bound planner or others similar to this size