RTS processing time 3-5 business days. MTO processing times 4-6 weeks. PRE-ORDER Acrylic processing time is 4-8 weeks.
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Q:  When will ready to ship items be restocked?
A:  Restocks/releases are every Friday at 3 PM CST unless it is announced differently on Instagram and/or Facebook.  


Q:  What is MTO and RTS?  What is the difference?
A: MTO stands for made to order.  This means that you purchase an item that has not yet been made.  Processing time on made to order items is roughly 4-6 weeks and is subject to change.  RTS stands for ready to ship.  This means that you purchase an item that is already made and is ready to ship.  Processing time on ready to ship items is 3-5 business days.  However, if you purchase a ready to ship item with a made to order item, your entire order will go out once the made to order items are made and ready for shipment.


Q:  When will my order ship?
A:  Any order that only has ready to ship items within it will ship within 3-5 business days.  This excludes weekends (Saturday's & Sunday's) and American holidays.  

 Any order that has any made to order items in it (including those that also have ready to ship items in the order) will ship between 4-6 weeks*.  Here is a link to the estimated ship dates based on the date of purchase:



Q:  When will this ready to ship tab design/color be available in this size?
A:  Trying to come up with a game plan for what designs to make, foil colors and planner sizes is extremely difficult.  With so many variations, it makes it hard to come up with a really great plan that will be designed to fulfill every customer's wants/requests.  As many of you may know, changing planner sizes happens frequently.  I can plan based on the current trend.  However, sometimes that trend changes and I may not have any tabs for that particular size come restock day.


Q:  What if I order both ready to ship and made to order items together?
A:  Your order will ship together with all items based on the made to order item.  Therefore, the ready to ship item(s) will be held to ship with the made to order items.  Processing time on made to order (MTO) items is 4-6 weeks.  You can find the estimated ship dates here: