RTS processing time 3-5 business days. MTO processing times 4-6 weeks.
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Estimated Ship Dates

Processing time for Ready to Ship (RTS) items only is 3-5 business days.

Processing time for Made to Order (MTO) items is 4-6 weeks

Please note all processing times are estimates and are subject to change.  Processing time means the time prior to shipment in order to prepare/make your order.

Ashy Leigh Designs Terms & Conditions can be located here:  https://ashyleighdesigns.com/pages/terms-conditions

Below are the estimated ship dates* based on purchase date for Made to Order items.

 Purchase Date  Estimated Ship Date
January 1st January 29th - February 12th
January 2nd January 30th - February 13th
January 3rd January 31st - February 14th
January 4th February 1st - February 15th
January 5th February 2nd - February 17th
January 6th February 3rd - February 18th
January 7th February 4th - February 19th
January 8th February 5th - February 20th
January 9th February 6th - February 21st
January 10th February 7th - February 22nd
January 11th February 8th - February 23rd
January 12th February 9th - February 24th
January 13th February 10th - February 25th
January 14th February 11th - February 26th
January 15th February 12th - February 27th
January 16th February 13th - February 28th
January 17th February 14th - March 1st
January 18th February 15th - March 2nd
January 19th February 16th - March 3rd
January 20th February 17th - March 4th
January 21st February 18th - March 5th
January 22nd February 19th - March 6th
January 23rd February 20th - March 7th
January 24th February 21st - March 8th
January 25th February 22nd - March 9th
January 26th February 23rd - March 10th
January 27th February 24th - March 11th
January 28th February 25th - March 12th
January 29th February 26th - March 13th
January 30th February 27th - March 14th
January 31st February 28th - March 15th
February 1st March 1st - March 15th
February 2nd March 2nd - March 16th
February 3rd March 3rd - March 17th
February 4th March 4th - March 18th
February 5th March 5th - March 19th
February 6th March 6th - March 20th
February 7th March 7th - March 21st
February 8th March 8th - March 22nd
February 9th March 9th - March 23rd
February 10th March 10th - March 24th
February 11th March 11th - March 25th
February 12th March 12th - March 26th
February 13th March 13th - March 27th
February 14th March 14th - March 28th
February 15th March 15th - March 29th
February 16th March 16th - March 30th
February 17th March 17th - April 1st
February 18th March 18th - April 2nd
February 19th March 19th - April 3rd
February 20th March 20th - April 4th 
February 21st March 21st - April 5th
February 22nd March 22nd - April 6th
February 23rd March 23rd - April 7th
February 24th March 24th - April 8th
February 25th March 25th - April 9th
February 26th March 26th - April 10th
February 27th March 27th - April 11th
February 28th March 28th - April 11th
February 29th (in Leap Years) March 29th - April 12th
March 1st March 29th - April 12th
March 2nd March 30th - April 13th
March 3rd March 31st - April 14th
March 4th April 1st - April 15th
March 5th April 2nd - April 16th
March 6th April 3rd - April 17th
March 7th April 4th - April 18th
March 8th April 5th - April 19th 
March 9th April 6th - April 20th
March 10th April 7th - April 21st
March 11th April 8th - April 22nd
March 12th April 9th - April 23rd
March 13th April 10th - April 24th
March 14th April 11th - April 25th 
March 15th April 12th - April 26th
March 16th April 13th - April 27th
March 17th April 14th - April 28th
March 18th April 15th - April 29th
March 19th April 16th - April 30th
March 20th April 17th - May 1st
March 21st April 18th - May 2nd
March 22nd April 19th - May 3rd
March 23rd April 20th - May 4th
March 24th April 21st - May 5th
March 25th April 22nd - May 6th
March 26th April 23rd - May 7th
March 27th April 24th - May 8th
March 28th April 25th - May 9th
March 29th April 26th - May 10th
March 30th April 27th - May 11th
March 31st April 28th - May 12th
April 1st April 29th - May 13th
April 2nd April 30th - May 14th
April 3rd May 1st - May 15th
April 4th May 2nd - May 16th
April 5th May 3rd - May 17th
April 6th May 4th - May 18th
April 7th May 5th - May 19th
April 8th May 6th - May 20th
April 9th May 7th - May 21st
April 10th May 8th - May 22nd
April 11th May 9th - May 23rd
April 12th May 10th - May 24th
April 13th May 11th - May 25th
April 14th May 12th - May 26th
April 15th May 13th - May 27th
April 16th May 14th - May 28th
April 17th May 15th - May 29th
April 18th May 16th - May 30th
April 19th May 17th - May 31st
April 20th May 18th - June 1st
April 21st May 19th - June 2nd
April 22nd May 20th - June 3rd
April 23rd May 21st - June 4th
April 24th May 22nd - June 5th
April 25th May 23rd - June 6th
April 26th May 24th - June 7th
April 27th May 25th - June 8th
April 28th May 26th - June 9th
April 29th May 27th - June 10th
April 30th May 28th - June 11th
May 1st May 29th - June 12th
May 2nd May 30th - June 13th 
May 3rd May 31st - June 14th
May 4th June 1st - June 15th
May 5th June 2nd - June 16th
May 6th June 3rd - June 17th
May 7th June 4th - June 18th
May 8th June 5th - June 19th
May 9th June 6th - June 20th
May 10th June 7th - June 21st
May 11th June 8th - June 22nd
May 12th June 9th - June 23rd
May 13th June 10th - June 24th
May 14th June 11th - June 25th
May 15th June 12th - June 26th
May 16th June 13th - June 27th
May 17th June 14th - June 28th
May 18th June 15th - June 29th
May 19th June 16th - June 30th
May 20th June 17th - July 1st
May 21st June 18th - July 2nd
May 22nd June 19th - July 3rd
May 23rd June 20th - July 4th
May 24th June 21st - July 5th
May 25th June 22nd - July 6th
May 26th June 23rd - July 7th
May 27th June 24th - July 8th
May 28th June 25th - July 9th
May 29th June 26th - July 10th
May 30th June 27th - July 11th
May 31st June 28th - July 12th
June 1st June 29th - July 13th
June 2nd June 30th - July 14th
June 3rd July 1st - July 15th
June 4th July 2nd - July 16th
June 5th July 3rd - July 17th
June 6th July 4th - July 18th
June 7th July 5th - July  19th
June 8th July 6th - July 20th
June 9th July 7th - July 21st
June 10th July 8th - July 22nd
June 11th July 9th - July 23rd
June 12th July 10th - July 24th
June 13th July 11th - July 25th
June 14th July 12th - July 26th
June 15th July 13th - July 27th
June 16th July 14th - July 28th
June 17th July 15th - July 29th
June 18th July 16th - July 30th
June 19th July 17th - July 31st
June 20th July 18th - August 1st
June 21st July 19th - August 2nd
June 22nd July 20th - August 3rd
June 23rd July 21st - August 4th
June 24th July 22nd - August 5th
June 25th July 23rd - August 6th
June 26th July 24th - August 7th
June 27th July 25th - August 8th
June 28th July 26th - August 9th
June 29th July 27th - August 10th
June 30th July 28th - August 11th
July 1st July 29th - August 12th
July 2nd July 30th - August 13th
July 3rd July 31st - August 14th
July 4th August 1st - August 15th
July 5th August 2nd - August 16th
July 6th August 3rd - August 17th
July 7th August 4th - August 18th
July 8th August 5th - August 19th
July 9th August 6th - August 20th
July 10th August 7th - August 21st
July 11th August 8th - August 22nd
July 12th August 9th - August 23rd
July 13th August 10th - August 24th
July 14th August 11th - August 25th
July 15th August 12th - August 26th
July 16th August 13th - August 27th
July 17th August 14th - August 28th
July 18th August 15th - August 29th
July 19th August 16th - August 30th
July 20th August 17th - August 31st
July 21st August 18th - September 1st
July 22nd August 19th - September 2nd
July 23rd August 20th - September 3rd
July 24th August 21st - September 4th
July 25th August 22nd - September 5th
July 26th August 23rd - September 6th
July 27th August 24th - September 7th
July 28th August 25th - September 8th
July 29th August 26th - September 9th
July 30th August 27th - September 10th
July 31st August 28th - September 11th
August 1st August 29th - September 12th
August 2nd August 30th - September 13th
August 3rd August 31st - September 14th
August 4th September 1st - September 15th
August 5th September 2nd - September 16th
August 6th September 3rd - September 17th
August 7th September 4th - September 18th
August 8th September 5th - September 19th
August 9th September 6th - September 20th
August 10th September 7th - September 21st
August 11th September 8th - September 22nd
August 12th September 9th - September 23rd
August 13th September 10th - September 24th
August 14th September 11th - September 25th
August 15th September 12th - September 26th
August 16th September 13th - September 27th
August 17th September 14th - September 28th
August 18th September 15th - September 29th
August 19th September 16th - September 30th
August 20th September 17th - October 1st
August 21st September 18th - October 2nd
August 22nd September 19th - October 3rd
August 23rd September 20th - October 4th
August 24th September 21st - October 5th 
August 25th September 22nd - October 6th
August 26th September 23rd - October 7th
August 27th September 24th - October 8th
August 28th September 25th - October 9th
August 29th September 26th - October 10th
August 30th September 27th - October 11th
August 31st September 28th - October 12th
September 1st September 29th - October 13th
September 2nd September 30th - October 14th
September 3rd October 1st - October 15th
September 4th October 2nd - October 16th
September 5th October 3rd - October 17th
September 6th October 4th - October 18th
September 7th October 5th - October 19th
September 8th October 6th - October 20th
September 9th October 7th - October 21st
September 10th  October 8th - October 22nd
September 11th October 9th - October 23rd
September 12th October 10th - October 24th
September 13th October 11th - October 25th
September 14th October 12th - October 26th
September 15th October 13th - October 27th
September 16th October 14th - October 28th
September 17th October 15th - October 29th
September 18th October 16th - October 30th
September 19th October 17th - October 31st
September 20th October 18th - November 1st
September 21st October 19th - November 2nd
September 22nd October 20th - November 3rd
September 23rd October 21st - November 4th
September 24th October 22nd - November 5th
September 25th October 23rd - November 6th 
September 26th October 24th - November 7th
September 27th October 25th - November 8th 
September 28th October 26th - November 9th
September 29th October 27th - November 10th
September 30th October 28th - November 11th
October 1st October 29th - November 12th
October 2nd October 30th - November 13th
October 3rd October 31st - November 14th
October 4th November 1st - November 15th
October 5th November 2nd - November 16th
October 6th November 3rd - November 17th
October 7th November 4th - November 18th
October 8th November 5th - November 19th
October 9th November 6th - November 20th
October 10th November 7th - November 21st
October 11th November 8th - November 22nd
October 12th November 9th - November 23rd
October 13th November 10th - November 24th 
October 14th November 11th - November 25th
October 15th November 12th - November 26th
October 16th November 13th - November 27th
October 17th November 14th - November 28th
October 18th November 15th - November 29th
October 19th November 16th - November 30th
October 20th November 17th - December 1st
October 21st November 18th - December 2nd
October 22nd November 19th - December 3rd
October 23rd November 20th - December 4th 
October 24th November 21st - December 5th
October 25th November 22nd - December 6th
October 26th November 23rd - December 7th
October 27th November 24th - December 8th
October 28th November 25th - December 9th
October 29th November 26th - December 10th
October 30th November 27th - December 11th
October 31st November 28th - December 12th
November 1st November 29th - December 13th
November 2nd November 30th - December 14th
November 3rd December 1st - December 15th
November 4th December 2nd - December 16th
November 5th December 3rd - December 17th
November 6th December 4th - December 18th
November 7th December 5th - December 19th
November 8th December 6th - December 20th
November 9th December 7th - December 21st
November 10th December 8th - December 22nd
November 11th December 9th - December 23rd
November 12th December 10th - December 24th
November 13th December 11th - December 25th
November 14th December 12th - December 26th
November 15th December 13th - December 27th
November 16th December 14th - December 28th
November 17th December 15th - December 29th
November 18th December 16th - December 30th
November 19th December 17th - December 31st
November 20th December 18th - January 1st
November 21st December 19th - January 2nd
November 22nd December 20th - January 3rd
November 23rd December 21st - January 4th
November 24th December 22nd - January 5th
November 25th December 23rd - January 6th
November 26th December 24th - January 7th
November 27th December 25th - January 8th
November 28th December 26th - January 9th
November 29th December 27th - January 10th
November 30th December 28th - January 11th
December 1st December 29th - January 12th
December 2nd December 30th - January 13th
December 3rd December 31st - January 14th
December 4th January 1st - January 15th
December 5th January 2nd - January 16th
December 6th January 3rd - January 17th
December 7th January 4th - January 18th
December 8th January 5th - January 19th
December 9th January 6th - January 20th
December 10th January 7th - January 21st
December 11th January 8th - January 22nd
December 12th January 9th - January 23rd
December 13th January 10th - January 24th
December 14th January 11th - January 25th
December 15th January 12th - January 26th
December 16th January 13th - January 27th
December 17th January 14th - January 28th
December 18th January 15th - January 29th
December 19th January 16th - January 30th
December 20th January 17th - January 31st
December 21st January 18th - February 1st
December 22nd January 19th - February 2nd
December 23rd January 20th - February 3rd
December 24th January 21st - February 4th
December 25th January 22nd - February 5th
December 26th January 23rd - February 6th
December 27th January 24th - February 7th
December 28th January 25th - February 8th
December 29th January 26th - February 9th
December 30th January 27th - February 10th
December 31st January 28th - February 11th


*  Please note, there is no set ship by time for these dates.  As long as the order ships by 11:59 PM CST day of shipment, it is compliant with the estimated shipping dates as outlined.