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MTO Specialty Foil Upgrade (MTO Only)


Looking to upgrade your foil color to holographic, leopard print, purple confetti or rainbow kaleidoscope?  

To order:
Add the tab of your choosing to your cart (example:  Erin Condren silver lace today).  Then, add the foil upgrade listing to your cart, selecting the foil of your choosing (example, leopard print).  

Please leave a note if there are multiple tabs in your order which tab(s) should receive the foil upgrade.  It is important that you select the proper quantity at the time of sale so the correct amount of foil can be ordered.  The listing is for 1 individual tab.  Please add at note to your cart prior to checkout for multiple foil upgrades (A hyperlink is located at the bottom left of your items in your cart.  When you click the hyperlink, a box will open to add your notes.) 

For example:  You have selected 3 Erin Condren today tabs (1 lace, 1 splatter and 1 chevron) but you wish to have all 3 of them upgraded using 3 different foils.  You would have 3 foil upgrades selecting each type of foil (let's say rainbow kaleidoscope, purple confetti and holographic).  Leaving a note is important to know exactly which foil upgrade goes with which tab/design -- Lace today tab holographic, Chevron today tab purple confetti, Splatter today tab rainbow kaleidoscope.  

Please note if no notes indicate the foil upgrade (if there are multiple tabs and it is not clear what tab should have the foil upgrade), your order will be processed with the regular foil selected and the foil upgrade will be refunded at or shortly after shipment.  

Also, the rainbow kaleidoscope color pattern can and will vary.  You can leave a note prior to checkout of what you wish to have for a color pattern.  However, here is no guarantee of what colors you will receive for the tab.  Due to the nature of this foil, the tabs will come as is. 

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