RTS processing time 3-5 business days. MTO processing times 4-6 weeks. PRE-ORDER Acrylic processing time is 4-8 weeks.
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Pocket Rings Planner Tabs

*  Items in this collection will fit any pocket rings planner like a Filofax, Foxy Fix, etc.
*  Items in this collection will also fit any pocket plus ring bound planner.  Please note that the dashboards may not go the full width on a pocket plus planner.  
 Items in this collection include both ready to ship and made to order.  Please note all ready to ship items have a label in the lower left corner to indicate they are ready to ship.  *Please note that if there is not a label in the lower left corner, pay attention to the product title.  All ready to ship items will end in - ready to ship.
*  All grab bags listed in this collection are also ready to ship.
*  Please note that the majority of the designs come with a total of 5 holes punched into the laminate.  This is the way they are designed.  The first set of 5 holes will go in the first 5 rings in the ring mechanism.

Ready to ship processing time is 3-5 business days.  Processing time on made to order items is 4-6 weeks.  

Estimated ship dates for made to order items can be located here: